Shaw Milling Ltd - Sault Ste. Marie
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For the berry pickers in the Sault and area we carry berry boxes and baskets in various sizes.
Our product list is expansive, a few of which are:

Lawn and Garden needs, including custom blended grass seed and fertilizers.  Bulk vegetable and flower seeds are sought after by customers yearly.  Soils, peat moss and a large selection of landscaping products are available.

For Bird lovers we have Sunflower, Wild Bird, Peanuts, and Nyger seeds to offer.  We also have novel Bird Feeders and Suets.

For your farm animals we stock an impressive variety of feeds.

One of our more popular products is hard wood fuel pellets that are second to none in quality.  

For ice melting products in the winter months we carry calcium chloride and rock salt.

For summer dust control calcium chloride does the job.

We carry fine salt, pool salt, and water conditioning salt in 50 lb bags.

Our product lists goes on and on.  So if you don't see what you are looking for please call . . . . We Promise To Answer Your Call!

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