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 Grass Seeds

  • Kentucky Blue
  • Creeping Red Fescue
  • Perennial Rye
  • Annual (For Garden) Rye
  • White Clover for lawn
  • Sun Mix (By the pound or 50lb bag )
  • Sun & Shade Mix (By the pound or 50lb bag )
  • Specially formulated Grass Seed sold by the pound or full bags

Bring in your measurements and we can help figure out what’s needed

 Spring Starter

  • Mosquito shield coils
  • Mosquito shield insect repellant
  • Kombat 30% deet spray
  • Kombat deet free spray
  • Pi active deet free spray
  • Trounce (hose applicator) mosquito and tic perimeter spray
  • Mosquito-less (hose end applicator and non) barrier concentrate
  • Flea and tic dog collar
  • Flea and tic animal shampoo
  • Oder mute for all animals (can be used in barn stalls)
  • Medicated bag balm
  • Fly swatter
  • OC Beauty Buzz off ready to use spray
  • OC Beauty Buzz off refill
  • OC Beauty dry shampoo
  • OC Beauty mint me up shampoo bar 
  • OC Beauty mint me up conditioner
  • OC Beauty body and room spray (various scents)
  • OC Beauty bamboo shower pad
  • OC Beauty bamboo and sisal back wash strap 
  • Gardening Soils, Peat Moss, Pro Mix and manure
  • Vegetable Seeds in Bulk or Packaged

  • Lawn and Garden Fertilizer
  • Landscape Fabric and Heavy duty Lawn Edging
  • Plastic weave bags/ burlap bags and Burlap by the foot
  • White Row cover for frost
  • Organic Pest Control
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